Medterra has recently expanded its line of products with new additions to its Immune Boost Bundle Pack. The new bundle contains 10% discount code for orders made through the website, plus a bonus 10% off on products in the Medterra Bundle Pack, plus a 20% off on the Immune Boost drops.

While you may not have been following the Medterra company’s news closely or has been hearing rumors, that is no reason to miss out on the highly anticipated announcement they made this week. Medterra new Bundle of Immune Boost Products. The bundle product will contain the following products:  Immune Boost Drops, Immune Boost Gummies, Immune Boost Softgels, and Immune Boost Topical

Medterra is the leading supplement company focused on the immune system and it just added its very first immune system boosting product to their bundle pack – Immune Boost Drops and Immune Boost Gummies. This is an exciting new product that the company has developed to help people with overall immune system support. There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of our immune system, including stress, environmental factors, and diet. Medterra has developed an ideal immune system supplement to help support the body in syncing up the immune system. The immune system is designed to protect us from bacteria, viruses, and other big, bad guys – and also to recover from illness. The immune system is also responsible for healing and repairing the body, as well as fighting off

Medterra Adds Immune Boost Drops and Immune Boost Gummies to Bundle Pack – display Medterra CBD, the world’s most renowned CBD company, has unveiled a brand new Immune Boost Bundle that contains proven herbal remedies, wellness boosters and adaptogens blended with natural CBD in gum and drop form to effectively support a healthy immune system. Medterra has always strived to produce high-quality CBD, and the new kit is priced at an affordable $54.99. Crafted based on extensive medical consultation, first-hand research and innovation, these products provide comprehensive support for your immune system, helping you fight disease and recover quickly. The natural ingredients in the remedy have been shown to boost the immune system and, mixed with the brand’s compatible CBD, provide high-quality support for mental and physical health. Jay Hartenbach, CEO of Medterra, says his priority is to help consumers keep their immune systems healthy and strong year-round, not just during flu and cold season. The latest Immune Boost bundle offers consumers holistic and healthy ways to maintain overall health and wellness. Immune Boost Bundle is designed to meet the latest industry standards for purity and quality. All of the ingredients in the chewy treats are sourced exclusively from organic, high quality and non-GMO crops. Medterra’s mission is to provide high-quality nutritional supplements that help consumers feel energized and healthy throughout the day and night. Immune Boost Bundle contains superior innovation and COA certification to achieve this goal. Medterra’s Immune Boost Kit includes Immune Boost gummies and Immune Boost drops designed for 24/7 immune support. Immune Boost Drops are packaged in a 30 ml bottle and contain 750 mg of pure and natural CBD from Medterra, blended with adaptogens such as the Reishi mushroom and Ashwagandha. It also contains herbal substances such as echinacea, elderberry and ginger, which are believed to strengthen the immune system. Immune Boost Gummies contain 25mg of CBD in each gummy, along with elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C. These three super-powerful, immune-boosting ingredients are designed to help your body fight disease and recover quickly. Medterra is a global brand with a wide range of products sold in more than 120,000 stores worldwide and in more than 23,000 stores in the United States. The products are available in large and small stores, including drugstore chains, large national grocery stores and established online retailers. About Medterra CBD, Inc. Medterra is a leading global wellness brand that officially launched in 2017. The Brightfield Group has recognized Medterra as the second largest and best-known CBD company in the United States. All CBD used by the company is organically extracted from industrial-grade hemp, which is safely grown in accordance with Kentucky Department of Hemp Experimental Research Program regulations. The products have also been tested by third parties and their effectiveness, quality and safety have been confirmed.Medterra has added to its popular immune boosting bundle with the addition of Immune Boost Drops and Immune Boost Gummies this year. With the added support of the new drops and gummies, the bundle is now a complete Immune Boost system that includes all the ingredients needed to support a healthy immune system, which is especially helpful during cold and flu season.. Read more about medterra cbd gummies stay alert and let us know what you think.

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