Ever since it was first introduced into the market, cannabidiol, or CBD, has been a hot topic. It’s a naturally occurring chemical found in the cannabis plant that is used for medicinal purposes. Over the past few years, CBD has become more popular, both as a supplement and as a food additive. Many companies produce products containing CBD, but there is not one solid cohesive definition of what CBD is. Some companies use the word “CBD” to mean “cannabidiol” while others use the term “CBD” to mean “cannabidiolic acid.”

Ben & Jerry’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Ben & Jerry’s. You love them. You’ve probably memorized their logo, or at least their bizarre “Chubby Hubby” character from their “Phish Food” ice cream flavor. And it’s a good thing, too, because Ben & Jerry’s is a billion dollar empire with more than 40 locations in the United States. They also have a number of other popular flavors, including Cherry Garcia, Phish Food (which is actually made with hemp) and Phish Food Dark Chocolate, and most of the flavors rotate out from year to year.

CBD ice cream may be the next big thing, and the first brand to put it on the shelves is Ben & Jerry’s. The line, which will be available in stores in select states, is made with CBD-infused “chocolate fudge brownies,” which are “super creamy and buttery, with rich chocolate, coffee, and fudge flavor.”

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream with CBD? Ben & Jerry’s has announced a bold new flavor for May 2019: CBI ice cream will be released once it’s legalized at the federal level. Two years later, the treat is still not available to the general public, as snack manufacturers are still waiting for the green light from US authorities for cannabis-infused products. But as demand for smoked blends continues to grow and the market reaches $1 billion, Big Food is catching up. With the end of COVID in the U.S. (fingers crossed), the Consumer Brands Association is bringing lobbying for cannabis legislation back to the forefront at the federal level, says Stacey Papadopoulos, general counsel for the trade group. While smaller brands are making progress, larger companies are looking for more clarity and are hesitant because of a patchwork of government regulations and uncertainty about what types of products are allowed, she said. Most of our big, recognizable brands are on the margins, she says. They don’t want to expose themselves to lawsuits or, worse, talk about the fact that something they did in this area wasn’t really safe for consumers. That leaves a lot of money on the table. Even without the marketing power of large consumer companies, the U.S. dietary supplement market grew 20 percent last year to $1.1 billion, according to Surfside, a company that analyzes cannabis data. This has created an opportunity for smaller brands who are more willing to take the risk with products that are not approved by the federal government, even though they are allowed under some states’ laws. Some companies that make gum, pastries, chocolate and other food products are preparing for a takeover when government regulations come into play, said Michael Blanche, co-founder of Surfside. Big companies will flood the market once trade crosses national borders, he said. For small suppliers who are not bought out, competition will increase. In time, there will be a major threat there. When existing brands are crowded out, it can have a disproportionate effect on small business owners and people of color, says David Weiner, co-founder of Gossamer, a lifestyle and cannabis media company. According to Cannaclusive and Almostconsulting, who maintain InclusiveBase, a list of businesses owned by people of color, there are already problems for minorities in the cannabis industry: less than 4 percent of businesses have a black owner and less than 2 percent have a Hispanic owner. Our fear of legalization at the federal level is who will be left out, Weiner said. These guys, who have never been in the game before, can come in late and make a lot of money and leave the ones we are here for. Some companies take it for granted. The specifics of the cannabis market can give an advantage to those with experience, regardless of size, said Jason Navarrete, CEO and founder of Pure Craft CBD, a San Diego-based gum manufacturer. The big companies don’t understand the philosophy of this sector, he says, adding that he doesn’t feel threatened. They only look at the end result.While CBD ice cream is now becoming a popular dessert choice for people who want to try out CBD but are not yet ready for the THC effects of a joint or bong hit, what if you want to get the benefits without actually ingesting the product? The new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, “CO2,” is meant to be an ice cream that is made using CO2 extraction and has a base of full-fat dairy. This product is the first cannabis-infused ice cream flavor that is available in a store near you.. Read more about ben and jerry owners and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name BEN short for?

This past winter, my wife and I had a lot of trouble with our plumbing. She had a cold, she had a sinus infection, I was always sick, and our toilet was breaking down every day. I took to the internet and searched for a plumber that specialized in our area, hoping someone would be able to come out and give us some relief. I found a company that had done plumbing work for us in the past, and I knew that they had done a good job. I called and told them what was going on (besides the plumbing issues), and they suggested that I do an online search for a plumber in my area. I did, and when I was looking for a plumber I found Ben & Jerry Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is, as the name suggests, made up of two delicious ingredients: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and CBD. The company has been championing CBD since summer 2017, when they started using the ingredient to flavor its ice cream. This decision was met with great fanfare from the CBD community, as CBD has been used for a number of ailments.

What happened to Ben the rat?

Ben the rat is a beloved character in the Ben & Jerry’s universe. He’s not a real rat, but he’s a real character, and he’s appeared on the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints since the 1970s. He was created by an artist named James Gaylord, and was featured in the Ben & Jerry’s song “Free Your Mind” from the band Ice Cream For Breakfast. In all fairness, this is not entirely original, but I think it deserves some attention. In a recent post on the “Science” page on the Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page, where the public could suggest “objections” to the hypothetical proposition “Ben the rat” (a rat who is interested in trying a CBD-infused ice cream) and the company would then write an article that would determine what was true and what was false about that supposed “objective” article, the company wrote: “The objection that the company should use only one animal to represent all the others is a bit silly, because if you want to know how endangered species are doing, you can just use a model of a single animal.”

What is the movie Ben about?

Hailed by critics as one of the best movies of the summer, Ben is a thrilling, funny, and deeply moving drama about a troubled young man trying to stay on track after living a life of trouble both past and present. Set in the small town of Camden, Vermont, Ben is about a young man named T.J. (played by the brilliant, breakout star of 2011, Ben Foster). T.J. has been in and out of jail for most of his life, but has recently found a home in Camden with his girlfriend, Abby (played by the very talented and very beautiful Olivia Thirlby). Ben is a little boy who loves to play outside with his best friend Gerald, despite what his parents say. On one particular afternoon, Ben’s parents go out to the mall to shop, and leave Ben with Gerald. On this day, Ben accidentally breaks one of Gerald’s favorite toys, which makes Gerald sad. Gerald promises to help Ben find a replacement toy, but the pair find the task too difficult to complete on their own. The next day, the pair receive a delivery of a brand new toy, which Gerald is happy to play with.

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