When it comes to yoga, you can find something for everyone. No matter where you are—whether you’re an avid yogi, a beginner, or a little more flexible—you can find yoga poses, breathing exercises, and hot poses that will work you out. Today, we’re going to show you how to incorporate yoga into your cycling routine.

While the perfect yoga practice may be on a mat in a studio, you can practice yoga on your bicycle. Find a supportive surface—a bike helmet, top tube and seat—that you can anchor your body weight to. Then, find a comfortable, supported area to hang out and practice your yoga poses.

Yoga is a great way to get a great workout in while at the same time stretching and strengthening your body. I recently started doing it at least once a week, and I have found that it has many health benefits including a decrease in cholesterol, relaxation, and stress relief. For many people who do a yoga practice, it becomes a way of life that helps elevate their mental and physical health.. Read more about yoga before or after cycling and let us know what you think.Slumped shoulders. Pain in the lower back. Wrist pressure. Fatigue in the knees and quadriceps muscles. Sick bastard. It can almost feel like being in a dog’s position with your head down, after you’ve been in there for an hour or so – but that’s actually what most cyclists feel after a few miles of cycling, at least I do.

In addition to physical fatigue, there is also mental fatigue, especially if you are traveling on a familiar road or path. Getting out on the road and clearing your head of worries can be a great adventure, but if your mind wanders too much, you could get hit by a car, trip over a big bump, or even become a pedestrian, and that won’t be the best adventure.

Mind The Moment

As yogis, we always preach and practice being in the moment. There’s no better way to stay safe.

After a recent drive of several hours, I was feeling a little tired in several areas, mind and body, and I thought: How about bringing some movement and awareness into yoga while the wheels are turning?

I found pranayama to be a great practice for staying present, and some of the asanas adapted for cycling were just what I needed.

Here are some ways to practice yoga on your bike…. while riding.

1. Breathing rate pedal

Concentrate on matching your breathing to your pace. Inhale for 2 or 3 revolutions of the pedals and try to hold that position on the exhale.

2. Change in breathing rate during climbing and descending

Try bhastrika pranayama on the way up and extended exhalations on the way down. Be creative.

3. Sitting cat/cow

Like the mat, this pose is ideal for stretching bent shoulders and a sore back. Perform the installation: Stretch your back by holding the handles and inhale to move your shoulders away from your ears, then exhale and arch your back by pulling in your navel – uddiyana bandha not only helps keep your back stable, but also increases your energy.

4. Dorsal twist

Like the standing or sitting option, this exercise is excellent for a tired back. The bicycle pose is a good exercise to keep your hips straight forward during turns.

Perform the installation: Begin to sit up straight and place your hands on both handles. Inhale, lift one arm straight up, lengthening the spine; and exhale, slowly pull the arm back, then inhale and extend the arm toward the bar. If you can hold the hand for one or two breaths while maintaining your balance, imagine holding the hands in virabhadrasana to gain strength and stability in this action. Repeat the process on the other side.

5. Virabhadrasana 3

Yes, it sounds crazy, and yes, it is a modified version. This is a fantastic stretch for your legs and back. Perform the installation: Grasp both handles, lean your chest forward to your arms, bend your elbows back and press them against your body like chaturanga arms, then extend one leg to the ground, let the wheel roll off, then slowly lift the other leg straight and with the foot bent. Make sure your hips are straight and your toes point to the ground – just like on the mat. See how long you can stay in this position. Then change the page.

As always: Safety first – look ahead and be aware of the traffic and road users around you. Always stay alert, whether you are on the bike or on the treadmill.Heres a quick article on how to practice yoga on a bicycle, given below:. Read more about bicycle yoga pose and let us know what you think.

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