A healthy life is the cornerstone of happiness, and what better way to start your day than with a little bit of yoga? This basic yoga workout is designed to be done at home, anywhere you have a window to look out of. While you are working the body, the mind will be focused on the inside, and you can get everything done you need to, while still having some time for yourself.

It is no secret that our society has been rapidly changing. In the past, families were limited in the amount of time they could spend together. Children were home schooled, so there was not a lot of interaction. However, with the rise of technology and social media, our dependence of our gadgets has skyrocketed and with it, our need for personal time. Technology has given us the ability to be present in our childrens lives again, but at the cost of our own personal time. It is this need for personal time that has prompted me to create this video.

Stay-at-home moms have it tough. You don’t get paid for every hour you’re at home, and you’re not a kid anymore. All of the sudden you have to prepare and serve meals, clean, do laundry, take care of the kids and the house. If you have a day job, it’s even harder. Between work and home, there are few hours in a day to get the (yoga) routine done. So, is yoga the best option? Of course not. Here is a 20-minute yoga sequence that will have you relaxed and ready to conquer anything.. Read more about best yoga on youtube and let us know what you think.Finding time for yoga as a mom is always a challenge. The best advice I got was that a little yoga is better than no yoga. The best yoga series for stay-at-home moms is one that requires virtually no props, is quick but effective, can be easily resumed if interrupted, and is safe. There’s nothing like taking off into the sky and your child sees that as an invitation to take a ride, and there you go.

This 20-minute sequence can easily be incorporated into your routine. So if you have a spare moment, jump into this series and steal a few of your own!


20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

Start there and take the time to refocus. Do a full body scan and release tension as you go from a mother to a yogi. Concentrate on expanding the top of your head and grounding through your feet.

This pose is ideal for becoming aware of your body. It also helps to correct your posture and align your breathing.

Take 7-10 breaths – whatever feels right for your body as you begin to warm up. From there, dive into the front fold.

Standing pre-fold

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

Uttanasana is ideal when you desperately need a good stretch in your legs and lower back. Focus on relieving the daily stress you carry around your neck by letting your head hang heavy.

It helps with anxiety, fatigue and depression and is a great reset button for your day. Hold this position for 5 breaths, then switch to the head-down dog by extending your arms in front of you.

Trolling dog

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

This is both a stretching and strengthening pose that is perfect for moms who are on the go a lot. It’s also a great way to work on a healthy line if you work out at home. Hold this position for 5 breaths and then lower yourself to your hands and knees.

Cat and cow pose

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

These two postures work on your heart and body. This fun and gentle flow activates your core and stretches your neck and spine in a comfortable way to work through daily routines and issues you may have encountered throughout the day.

Hold the position for 5 breaths and on the next breath, lift and extend the right arm and left leg.

Table top with armrests and extended legs

Credit : Sam Harris Hughes.

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

In this exercise, you will work on your core while extending and holding the opposite arm and leg.  It also gives you time to evaluate your body’s performance, strengthen it and get a good workout.

Hold for 5 breaths, then switch sides. After 5 breaths on the other side, lower your arm and leg and pull your hip back into the child’s pose.

Creating children

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

This soothing position helps relieve stress and tension while allowing the legs to be stretched.

Stay in this bliss for 5 breaths. At the end, slowly lift your hips into the dog facing down and bring one bent leg forward. Once this leg is forward, lower the knee and bring the arms into a deep lunge position.

deep trench

Appropriation : Anna Coventry

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

This pose brings warmth to your thighs as they open. While you’re here, you’ll feel your mental focus sharpen, which we all know is necessary not only for stay-at-home moms, but for everyone.

Hold this position for 5 breaths and switch sides. When you have done both sides, you can do the dog vinyasa in standing position. At the top of the mat, step back with your right foot and point your toes toward the corners of the mat.

Divine flow

Loan : Anna Coventry

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

Standing in the goddess pose automatically creates a sense of power and beauty and makes you feel like the warrior you are. Not only does it give you confidence, but it also strengthens your legs and makes your heart beat faster.

Hold this pose for 5 breaths, then do the vinyasa. Inhale as you stretch your legs and hold your arms above your head. As you exhale, go back down into the goddess. Do this for 5 breaths.

You can end the sequence in Goddess Pose, but if you feel like continuing, you can stay in Goddess Pose and alternate lifting your heels for an even more powerful workout. Then bring your heels together and slowly lower yourself into a yogini squat.

Garland Pose or Yogic Squat

Loan : Meagan McCrary

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

This posture brings immediate peace as soon as you sink into it. While your mind is cleansing, your body is also taking time to heal, support your digestion and detoxify.

Hold this position for 5 breaths. Then slowly move to an easy sitting position.

Butterfly assembly

Loan : Lacey Haynes.

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

Sitting in the butterfly pose immediately releases tight thigh muscles and you’ll feel relaxed and your brain will unwind. Another advantage of this position is the supply of oxygen to the reproductive and digestive systems.

Hold this position for 5 breaths. Lie on your back and bring your heels to your buttocks.

Deck installation

Appropriation : Christine McGee.

20-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stay at Home Moms |

This is a great gentle inversion to end your 20 minute workout. Bridgework stimulates the reproductive, digestive and nervous systems and can also help relieve common ailments such as congestion, headaches and high blood pressure. It can also relieve pain and tension in the upper body and rejuvenate the muscles of the lower body.

Stay in the bridge position for 5 breaths. Then you can put your feet down and sink into Savasana for 5-7 breaths, then stand up. You can also take a short break from yoga to stretch if you have time.

The key to this series for stay-at-home moms is to take breaks. This short break allows you to distract yourself from the physical, emotional and mental stresses of home and replace them with mindfulness.

The beauty of this 20-minute yoga sequence is that you can continue it in many ways, so you can adapt it to you and your needs of the day. It is also a simple and easy procedure that you can do at any time of the day. So moms, stop, breathe, and take time to heal!

Photo credits: Stephanie Birch.

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